We’re all sheep

Sheep flockThe Wall Street Journal ran an article about how to get people to adopt green behaviors. The headline said, “It isn’t financial incentives. It isn’t more information. It’s guilt.”

The article later called it peer pressure, which I think is more accurate than guilt. We don’t know which emotions are at play when people want to be like others. Often they’re not even aware of others’ influence. They may even deny others’ influence.

They just do something because other people are doing it. They’re acting like sheep.  Read more> [Read more…]

Learning from the Big Dogs

Huck Finn and his idol Ellie

Huck Finn and his idol Ellie

Huck Finn is a puppy. Half golden Labrador retriever, half Labradoodle, he’s a bundle of loose-limbed, silky-eared energy. Huck has a group of fans (I confess to being one) who adore him and his puppy-ness.

Huck Finn is a fan himself. He idolizes Ellie. Ellie is a Big Dog, a golden Lab. She’s a few years older than Huck and wise in the Ways of the Dog World. Huck tags along with Ellie and tries to copy her behavior. She seems happy to play the Big Dog role. [Read more…]