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Camera Video is a powerful way to tell your story. The combination of words and visuals is likely to engage your community, create an emotional connection and inspire them to act. FrahmComm provides a full range of video services, including direction, production, scriptwriting, cinematography, interviews and post-production editing. Annette Frahm has produced award-winning films, including short documentaries and videos for marketing, branding and education. She uses her decades of communication experience to craft effective narratives. FrahmComm’s associates offer additional skills to help make your video project a reality.


FAST TRACKS: The Methow Valley Nordic Team

FAST TRACKS explores how four powerful women coach young athletes of the Methow Valley Nordic Team to become champions and lifelong skiers. It features Olympian Sadie Bjornsen. Why have so many kids from this small community grown up to race at the national and international levels? Winner, Best Director, Oregon Documentary Film Festival. Award Finalist, Best Editor, Oregon Documentary Film Festival. Official Selection: Mammoth Film Festival, Frozen River Film Festival, International Festival of Winter Cinema, Winterland Film Festival. Role: Concept, production, direction, cinematography, interviews, editing.


Girls and Glaciers

Teenage girls push their boundaries on glaciers high on Mount Baker. They learn field science, art, wilderness skills and teamwork through Girls on Ice. Special Recognition Award, Worldwide Women’s Film Festival; Best Documentary, Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival; Best Film, Cine City; Award of Merit, Best Shorts Competition. Official selection, Wild and Scenic Film Festival, Local Sightings Film Festival, Women Over 50 Film Festival, Equinox Women’s Film Festival, Depth of Field International Film Festival. Role: Concept, production, direction, cinematography, interviews, editing. ^TOP

How to Prune in Summer: Laceleaf Japanese Maple

This video has received more than 113,000 views on YouTube. The video explains and shows the steps to properly prune a laceleaf Japanese maple in summer. Many of the principles also apply to other trees and shrubs. Meet the In Harmony pruning staff and watch them prune a maple tree–in fast motion. One of several educational videos produced for the company’s blog. Role: Production, direction, cinematography, editing. ^TOP

Illicit Discharges and Spills: Prevention and Response

This training video for City of Seattle staff explores detailed steps to prevent and respond to illicit discharge and spills in the City’s stormwater drainage system. A second, longer video explores best management practices for City staff to protect stormwater while doing maintenance, storage and disposal ^TOP

Riding with the Groomer

Ride along with the groomer at night. Methow Trails grooms 200 km of trails for skate and classic skiing. Official selection, Methow Trails Film Festival. An excerpt from a film about the Methow Valley Nordic Team. Role: Concept, production, direction, cinematography, interviews, editing. ^TOP

Landscape Design for People and the Planet

In Harmony creates landscapes that are places of recreation and refuge for homeowners. They are easy to care for and environmentally friendly. Produced for In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes. Role: Production, direction, cinematography, editing. ^TOP

Restoring Rainbow Bend: Good for People and Fish

The Cedar River provides critical salmon habitat in Seattle’s backyard, but is prone to dangerous flooding. Rainbow Bend is the largest project done to date on the river. King County helped families move out of harm’s way, then restored the floodplain. This reduced flooding and provided refuge for hundreds of fish. Produced for King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks. Winner, international Hermes Creative Gold Award. Official selection, River Restoration Northwest “Stories of Our Watersheds” film event. Role: Direction, scriptwriting, interviews. “Annette’s scriptwriting and direction were very helpful in producing the Rainbow Bend video. She helped us go beyond “just the facts” and tell a compelling story about people, floods and fish. She also has great attention to the details and is very organized. ” –Jean White, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks ^TOP

Barb Rowan: Design for Trust

This one-minute video describes and illustrates Barb Rowan’s design philosophy. Barb is well-prepared to guide your design decisions—so you can get focused on what you do best. She’s been helping clients succeed for over 30 years and still gets excited about finding solutions that inform, instruct and persuade. Role: Production, direction, cinematography, editing. ^TOP

Watering 101: Create Strong and Healthy Plants

Produced for In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes to educate their clients about proper ways to water for a healthy landscape. One of several educational videos produced for the company’s blog. Role: Production, scriptwriting, cinematography, editing. ^TOP

CarbonWA: Let’s take a swing at climate change!

Carbon Washington gathered signatures for an initiative to create a revenue-based carbon tax. The video engages people in CarbonWA’s story, people and cause. It was a key element in the organization’s successful crowdfunding campaign. Role: Direction, production, cinematography, interviews, editing. ^TOP

EnviroStars: Good for Business, Good for the Environment

Would you like your business to save money, be more efficient, keep good employees, reduce risks and attract quality customers? Become an EnviroStar! The video features stories of EnviroStars businesses that have benefited from the program’s free technical assistance, promotional support and connection to other like-minded companies. Won national MarCom Gold Award. Produced with Rodika Tollefson for the EnviroStars Program. Role: Concept, direction, production, cinematography, interviews, editing. “Annette was great to work with on the EnviroStars video. She is creative, professional, organized and easy to work with. She and Rodika produced a video we, and the businesses featured in it, are really proud of.” –Laurel Tomchick, EnviroStars Program Manager ^TOP

Palliative Care: Helping Patients Improve Quality of Life

The video tells two stories: Sallie and Jamie got married in the hospital, a month before Jamie died. Stacie is living with an artificial heart while she awaits a transplant. Two physicians describe how palliative care helps Jamie, Stacie and other critically ill patients write their own futures and choose medical care that respects their needs, reduces pain and improves quality of life. Winner of two national awards: Clarion Award, Association for Women in Communications, and Videographer Award of Distinction. Produced for UW Medicine. Role: Direction, production, cinematography, interviews, editing. ^TOP

Loppers vs. Saws

What tools do you really need to prune your fruit tree? Zany Ciscoe Morris, Seattle garden guru, helps Kristen Ramer Liang sort out the choices. Ciscoe talks about how not to fall off a ladder (buy the right kind for pruning). He shares tips on hand pruners, loppers and saws. And he shows Kristen how to sharpen and clean her pruning tools. One of six educational videos produced for City Fruit. You can see the other five here. Role: Direction, production, cinematography, editing. “The videos turned out great–and you were also great to work with. Very responsible and smooth. Thanks for that.” –Gail Savina, former executive director, City Fruit ^TOP

Shout on Every Corner

Myriam Marquez is a warrior. She is fighting for a cure for Alzheimer’s, and she is fighting her own symptoms of the disease. Alzheimer’s is where cancer was in the 1950s, when people wouldn’t even say the word because it felt shameful. But there’s a growing movement to prove you can have a full life while living with dementia — and Myriam is proof of that. Won second place in Healthy Aging Partnership film festival. Produced with Rodika Tollefson. Role: Concept, direction, production, cinematography, interviews, editing. ^TOP

Interview with Telisa Steen, Ellen in “Breeding Grounds”

Telisa Steen describes her experience starring in “Breeding Grounds,” a post-apocalyptic film produced by the Seattle Filmmakers’ Collective. This is the one of thirteen behind-the-scenes interviews I conducted with the film’s cast and crew. They have been used to promote the film on social media and were part of the film’s widely distributed DVD. Role: Interviews, editing. ^TOP

Bugs Appetit!

Have you ever eaten tempura tarantula? David George Gordon, bug chef extraordinaire, cooks one in this video. And dusts it with smoked paprika. David believes that bugs can be both nutritious and delicious. He has written 19 books about bugs, slugs, geoducks and other misunderstood critters, including the Eat-A-Bug Cookbook. And he plays a mean harmonica. Official selection, 2014 Seattle True Independent Film Festival (STIFF). Produced with Rodika Tollefson in four days for the DOC Challenge, an international documentary film contest. Role: Concept, direction, production, cinematography, interviews, editing. ^TOP SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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