Breeding Grounds film premieres

Breeding Grounds premiered last night at Northwest Film Forum. This post-apocalyptic movie explores the relationships among a small group of people thrown together in a “breeding camp” designed to repopulate the United States. The Seattle Filmmakers’ Collective produced the film with an all-volunteer cast and crew.

A few months ago I visited the production site to do behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and crew. You can see them all on the SFC website. I conducted the interviews and edited them into short videos.

Here’s a direct link to my favorite interview. Telisa Steen plays Ellen in Breeding Grounds.

More insights into filmmaking in behind-the-scenes videos

What goes into making a movie? What are actors’ insights into their characters? I had fun interviewing cast and crew of a sci-fi movie and editing the interviews into short videos.

The film “Breeding Grounds” takes place in a post-war world. It explores the relationships among people in a strange and harsh environment.

Here are some links to videos with “Breeding Grounds” cast and crew. More videos to come soon.

Tabitha Bastien’s character Georgie struggles with having been beaten and raped.

George Borchers constructed sets for the film on a tiny budget.
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“Breeding Grounds:” Behind the scenes at a post-war survival film

A few weeks ago I spent the day at a film shoot, interviewing cast and crew. I turned the interviews into a series of behind-the-scenes videos.

“Breeding Grounds” takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. It explores the relationships among people in a strange and harsh environment.

Here’s the first video, featuring one of the film’s stars, Telisa Steen. Telisa plays Ellen, an injured ex-marine who finds her way to the post-war survival community Eastern Reach with her ward, Georgie.

The film was produced by the Seattle Filmmakers’ Collective.