If it’s useful, people will share (Contagious, part 5)

Here’s the fifth post about Jonah Berger’s book Contagious: Why things catch on. Berger describes six reasons that products, ideas and behaviors spread.

Practical  Value

The good news is that getting people to read and share can be as simple as giving them something useful. Useful things are important because they help others. When was the last time you read useful tips related to your health, finances, kids or other things that matter to you? Did you read the whole thing? Did you share it with others?

Sometimes the value comes from getting a good deal on something. People evaluate things relative to an anchor or reference point. Salesmen know that people often buy the item that’s in the middle in terms of quality and price. As a buyer, you may want to pay attention when the salesperson shows the more expensive and fancier car or computer first. The salesperson wants to make the next thing you look at seem like a better deal. [Read more…]