Emotion: When we share, we care (Contagious, part 3)

I’m in the middle of a writing few posts about Jonah Berger’s book Contagious: Why things catch on. Berger describes six reasons that products, ideas, and behaviors spread. Here is #3.

Emotion: when we care, we share

Do you remember when a dumpy middle-aged woman took the stage on the TV show Britain’s Got Talent? The judges smirked—until she opened her mouth and sang “I Dreamed a Dream”–in a voice that made people’s jaws drop.

I’m guessing you didn’t watch Susan Boyle sing on TV (especially since it’s a British show). You saw it because someone sent you the link. More than 14 million people have watched Susan sing that song on YouTube.

People share things that affect them emotionally. Susan Boyle touches us because she was acting out her own dream–and overcoming people’s assumptions in the process. [Read more…]