My latest video: connecting people to CarbonWA

Here is my latest video, which I produced for the activist group Carbon Washington. CarbonWA is gathering signatures for an initiative. They would like the state to have a revenue-neutral carbon tax. The video is a key part of their crowdfunding campaign.

CarbonWA’s goals for the video included:

  • Connect people to the organization and its people: positive, energetic
  • Get them excited about what CarbonWA is doing: concrete, cutting edge policy
  • Have them feel optimistic about climate change
  • Encourage them to donate money and time to the cause

I hope you watch the video and visit their website to see what this young, enthusiastic group is doing. CarbonWA was started by the “stand-up economist” Yoram Bauman and others who were excited about the positive impacts of British Columbia’s revenue-neutral carbon tax.