Storytelling in PR

Here’s an interesting article from PR Insider about storytelling. According to the author Marilyn Fancher, “truly compelling stories always share two things: Emotional relevance and an understanding of the nature of conflict.”

Emotional Linking

An authentic story creates a personal connection to our own experiences and emotions. When we see ourselves in the story, it feels real.

APCO Insight has developed an Emotional Linking model to help understand what forms attachment to a brand.

Emotional linking model

Embrace Conflict

A good story involves conflict, something that gets in the way of the protagonist reaching their goal or desire. This could be an external or internal obstacle.

You need to search for the central conflict, ask the difficult or uncomfortable questions.

At the heart of every good story is empathy. “Life, as a person or an organization, is a shared experience,” Fancher said.

You can read the full article here.